Introducing UFLB Director of Scouting Bryan Hernandez

The push for the playoffs is on right now in Major League Baseball, and at this time next year, the same thing will be happening in Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball. At the same time, UFLB franchises will be stockpiling their 40-man lists with MLB prospects and that’s where UFLB Director of Scouting Bryan Hernandez comes into the picture. 

Hernandez will be in charge of providing a list of players for the inaugural Futures Auction as well the one-and-only Top Prospects Auction — featuring players who are property of MLB organizations but have yet to play an MLB game. 

“I’m really excited to learn about all the new players that scouts are going to register on this platform,” Hernandez said while watching his beloved Dodgers take on the Atlanta Braves this week. “I like to think I’m a guy who is on top of the prospects, but with so many great scouts already in the UFFS world, I know they will keep me busy and surprise me with their selections.”

A former baseball utility player from Los Angeles, California, Hernandez has played a variety of fantasy sports for the past seven years and is currently in several baseball and football leagues. When he’s not rooting for his fantasy players, he’s cheering on the Patriots and all L.A. sports franchises — except the Clippers, the Angels and UCLA. He’s also an avid collector of sport cards for every sport, co-GM for the Hammerheads franchise of the UFAFL and former Assistant GM of the Dynasty franchise in the UFHL.

“Bryan stepped up to the plate right away when we announced UFLB and he’s been working hard on his lists ever since,” said Head of Baseball Operations for UFF Sports and UFLB Commissioner Dean Millard. “I know he’s ready for the challenge and the amount of work that UFLB scouts are going to put in when it comes to finding the best baseball prospects.”

You can follow @UFLB_Scouting on Twitter and join the Telegram group chat here to keep up to date with how scouting will work and how to register. One thing to keep in mind is that once you register as a scout with UFFS, you can scout players in all sports. The UFLB Rulebook will be released shortly and will have all the information scouts will need.

More details on player and franchise auctions will be released shortly. For more information, email . For more info on UFFS, check out the new website at and the recently launched hockey platform at

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