Introducing UFLB Director of Competition Matt Soren

When play begins in April of 2022, Ultimate Fantasy League Baseball is going to take the fantasy baseball world by storm with how realistic owning and running a franchise will be. From the number of franchises to the size of the rosters and even 40-man lists, it will be the closest thing to owning an actual pro team.

To make sure things are as realistic as possible when it comes to gameplay and roster moves, UFLB is proud to introduce Matt Soren as the Director of Competition. Matt will also be heavily involved in building the Legends League aspect of baseball on the UFFS platform. 

Matt pitched four years at the University of Delaware and was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 19th round of the 2013 draft. During his time with the organization, he played on the GCL Phillies and Williamsport Crosscutters (short season) before moving on to independent baseball in the Can-Am League with the NJ Jackals, Frontier League with the Washington Wild Things, and in the Atlantic League with the Long Island Ducks. 

“This is a project that combines three of my passions with baseball, fantasy sports and crypto currency,” said Soren. “Not only are we going to build an incredible fantasy sports league on the blockchain, but we’re getting the ball players themselves involved and it’s going to be a big win for them also.”

“Having Matt join the team was a no-brainer as soon as we chatted. If we want to be the most realistic fantasy baseball league ever, we need people who have been inside the game and are well connected. Matt checks both boxes,” said UFLB Commissioner and Head of Baseball for UFF Sports Dean Millard. “When we were designing the rulebook, we needed to make sure we had the details as close as possible. Same thing with the scoring system, it’s awesome to have someone who knows how hard or easy it is to rack up certain stats, and which ones are the most important.”

Soren and Millard spent a lot of time collaborating on the UFLB Rulebook, which will be available soon for potential owners, GMs and scouts. A lot of the process was making sure the scoring system was accurate and it required many different tests. Making sure UFLB mirrors MLB as close as possible was paramount.

UFLB will be a season-long points league with six division winners making the post-season and a wild-card game in each of the Vin Scully and Harry Caray Conferences to determine the final playoff berth in each conference. The stat values and categories will be presented to the 30 owners after the franchise auctions and can be discussed and potentially voted on during the initial offseason owner meetings.

A native New Yorker, Soren has headed out when the snow flies, playing ball down under in Australia as well as in South Africa. Most recently, Soren was on the Olympic qualifying roster for Team Israel, and he also comes with almost 20 years of fantasy baseball playing and commissioning experience. 

More details on player and franchise auctions will be released shortly. For more information, email . For more info on UFFS, check out the new website at and the recently launched hockey platform at

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